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Legacy of Wong Fei Hung – 11th to 15th June

Follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest Kung Fu Masters in history with this packed full 5 day course.

(This is a high level Kung Fu course open to those wanting to train and operate at an elite level.)

In this incredible Kung Fu course the following arts will be taught:

  • Taming the Tiger set (including internal Tiger Claw training)
  • Iron Wire set (considered to be the most powerful method of internal force training)
  • 108 pattern Tiger Crane set (including no-shadow kicks)
  • Fifth Bother Octagonal Staff set

Sifu Wong has promised to transmit the secrets of these arts and how to benefit from them. This will obviously be applicable to all martial artists, given the wide and varied combat skills involved. The benefits from these practices include:

  • tremendous vitality – an ability to bring a high-level of energy to all of the things you do
  • ability to channel, focus and apply energy effectively
  • mental clarity
  • courage and integrity
  • insights into how to operate at the ‘marvellous’ level

All of these are qualities of successful people in whatever field they operate.

Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung (pronounced Hoong) is considered to be one of the premier Martial Arts Masters as well as a healer and Chinese folk hero. He is famous for defeating many opponents with his Tiger Claw and No-Shadow kicks. Obviously he needed high-level martial skills and power to achieve this. However, unlike many practitioners of that time and today he didn’t achieve them by external methods like jabbing beans and kicking sandbags. This course will focus on passing on the essence of the internal arts Wong Fei Hung practised to develop his tremendous internal force and the ability to apply it in his martial arts, healing and everyday community work.

Open to all Masters and Martial Artists

Sifu Wong is so dedicated to ensuring the internal essence of these arts isn’t lost that he is prepared to accept students and masters from any school on this course. He has even said they don’t have to publicly acknowledge having learnt from him if it would compromise them in any way. The importance for Sifu is not recognition for himself but the fact that deserving students have the opportunity to learn, practice and keep alive genuine internal Shaolin Arts. This gives teachers and students from other schools a unique opportunity to find out for themselves the possibilities of these methods of internal training.

Preparation Materials

To obtain the maximum benefit from the course you are advised to familiarise yourself with the following sets:

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